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Mural Pemimpin Negara Di Potretkan Semula


Brader ni yang mural nya kena conteng haritu, pastu dah buat come back dekat tempat yang tinggi dan besar.

Apa2 pun semoga dipermudahkan semuanya.

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As a multi-international award winning artist in music and film, former co-founder / managing director of one of the highest-quality recording studios in Malaysia and a tourism-entreprenuer in Kuala Lumpur, this is a natural step of progression.

Why a massive mural? 

Why this spesific subject/figures?

Repainting this mural, on this scale, is the last step at bringing this story full circle. The commemoration given to these figures through the initial/vandalized mural were not big enough compared to their service 'jasa' during this Covid-19 pandemic crisis.

Why Chow Kit?

Chow Kit, located within immediate radius of central Kuala Lumpur, is a long neglected / rich in history district of Kuala Lumpur. This massive / explicitly relevant mural will be the guiding light at cleaning / bringing Chow Kit back to life.

Precedent set by Sudirman (comparable to Michael Jackson / Prince), hosted one of the biggest concerts in Malaysias history in 1986, where 100,000 people flooded the streets within the district, suggests that a catalyst should be activated to reignite the same phenomena/energy.

Why now? Why immediately?

Merdeka (Independence Day) / Hari Malaysia (Malaysia Day)

Kredit : @miey_ali

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